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Why Is Facilities Management So Important?

Facilities management is a service that is often overlooked and misunderstood. While the role of a facilities manager can differ considerably depending on the size and category of your organisation, they are important for your daily operations to run smoothly. 

There are many advantages for your organisation in utilising a facilities management service. Not only does it provide streamlined and innovative solutions to your business, effective management can substantially contribute to your bottom line. A facilities management service assists with maintaining the workplace, organising the employees, and minimising any potential health and safety hazards. 

There are a wide range of activities the facilities management service will oversee. Usually they are separated into two categories of facilities management, but are both equally as important. They are often referred to as soft facilities management and hard facilities management. A facilities manager will create a plan that uses a mixture of the two for a total facilities management service

What is soft facilities management?

Soft facilities management services comprises a range of solutions that care for the health, security. It also covers the appearance of company buildings, employees and their clients. If the service relates to managing the usage of a building, it’s most likely part of soft facilities management

For example:

What is hard facilities management?

Hard facilities management services are the solutions that relate to the physical maintenance of the company’s property. These are objects that cannot be removed and as they are essential to the safety and wellbeing of employees, clients and visitors, are required by law. 

For example:

Does your business need facilities management services?

Running a business can be overwhelming. It can be almost impossible to stay on top of everything. A facilities management service ensures that the company operates with minimal problems. 

Businesses that seek out the help of an experienced facilities manager likely do so for the handling of repairs, business operations as well as technicians but the most crucial reason is often overlooked. Facilities management has a significant impact on the overall performance of the company, from employees wellness to your potential earnings.

Facilities management services are highly important in the workplace. The service allows you to secure more long-term clients and employees while increasing your profits. A well organised and maintained facility also opens up the gateway for more opportunities in these areas.

Benefits of facilities management:

Identifies and pursues business objectives

Building systems management, which forms a large part of facility management can help you set out what you want to achieve with your company. Once these have been envisioned, plans and processes will then be put in place for your business to achieve this objective. Setting these goals are important for a company as they give an opportunity to track your progress. On the chance these goals are not being met, people or processes may need to be shuffled or established. 

Facilities managers do not apply a universal template to your company structure. They are able to work with you closely to create a unique facilities management plan. This plan is individual to your company and its needs. So, you can be sure that your facilities will be looked after by someone with a thorough comprehension of your concerns. 

Makes progress to improve employees’ wellbeing

A happier employee means a more productive employee. A facilities manager will walk through your worksite and observe factors in the workplace that can be substituted or added to improve the wellness of your workers, and in turn, improve your bottom line. 

Some of these welfare changes might include:

  • Enhancing the layout of the workspace. This can ease and maximise tasks performed each day. This is because the location of desks and equipment can affect the production of your employees. 
  • Lighting can have a major influence on how workers perform. Too much dull artificial lighting can lead to eye strain, headaches and loss of focus. The cure? Letting in as much natural sunlight with large windows or skylights. Doing this can not only improve productivity but also save on electrical bills. 
  • Temperature is another way to boost morale in the office or workspace. When your employees feel comfortable in their work environment, they instinctively achieve more in the space they are working in. 
Ensures the Health and Safety of everyone on the premises

A facility manager on many occasions is in charge of keeping the office neat and tidy. Unsightly workspaces can often discourage workers from their most productive performances. Oftentimes this can lead to projects going unfinished. Management of the sanitisation motivates the employee’s and therefore improves your business’ profits.

Aside from the cleanliness of the buildings, the facilities manager’s responsibility is to certify that all of your organisation’s infrastructures meet all codes and regulations. They will do this by confirming that any appliances or machinery are operating free from danger and that regular maintenance is taking place. A proper management service will cultivate a safe and clean, and ultimately, happy space for all employees and clients. 

Improves the cost savings for the business

Facilities management services are one of the main ways of reducing the costs of company expenses. Selecting a facilities manager brings all of the facility services under one head. This way, they oversee the budget for your everyday proceedings and the people who carry them out. Removing any overlaps or unnecessary services, meaning more efficiency for your business.

It is also worth noting that preventative maintenance and upkeep of your appliances or machinery will limit the need to spend money on expensive repairs.

Risk management

Facility management services are responsible for reducing the risks of workplace hazards and emergencies. A facility manager’s approach to risk management will be based on the size and extent of your company, But every facilities manager will carry out a thorough assessment. The assessment will help in delivering on strategies that enable the organisation to clearly spot any risk management opportunities. 

Some of the areas where the risks may need to evaluated might include:

  • Contractor management risks
  • Financial risks
  • Brand risks
  • Emergency risks
  • IT security risks

Building systems management always looks at your business through a wider lens. This way, your facilities manager can see and develop an opportunity for more sustainable procedures. Supporting both the environment, and the facility operations. 

A facilities management service is vital to a successful company and its long term objectives. They make certain that your staff are running at peak performance while keeping budgets, and meeting targets. Despite the fact that passing control over to a facilities manager is a major decision, it provides your company the structure to operate efficiently and safely. 

Lastly, facilities management lets you focus on what is most important to you. Put the days of stressing over everyday business operations behind you and be at ease understanding that an expert has it covered. JKFM provides you with total facility management services so we can cover all of your particular needs. If you’re ready to take the next steps with our facilities management service, contact us today. 

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