Fire Safety Services

Corporate and commercial fire safety services

JKFM draws on the expertise of a vast and ever-growing network of certified service providers and professionals across specialities, in every part of Australia. Supported by this extensive network of accredited, quality-assured personnel, we provide a wide range of reliable fire safety services, including the repair and maintenance of systems and equipment and emergency evacuation procedure training.

We are triple-ISO certified with our quality assurance (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and safety management (ISO 45001) certifications.

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Our fire safety services

Fire warning systems and panels

We can organise the regular maintenance and testing of your fire warning systems, panels and fire interface systems in line with compliance standards.

Fire pump sets

Fire safety professionals in our extensive and qualified network can maintain, test and repair your fire safety pump sets and systems.

Emergency exit lighting and signs

We can supply, fit, repair and maintain your emergency exit lighting and fire safety signage.

Fire sprinklers, fire hydrant systems

We have professional service providers available to maintain,service and certify your fire sprinklers and fire hydrant systems.

Fire doors

We can organise a fire safety assessment of your establishment and the installation and repair of fire doors to ensure compliance is met.

Fire extinguishers

Keep your fire extinguishers up to date, compliant and fully operational with our fire extinguisher services.

Fire hose reel systems

Keep your fire hose reel systems safe and compliant with regular testing, and maintenance when required.

Fire blankets

We can supply, check and update your fire blankets. We can also help you identify your fire blanket and fire safety requirements for both peace of mind and regulation compliance.

Smoke alarms

Our smoke alarm solutions include the supply, installation, servicing, maintenance, testing and certification of your corporate smoke / fire alarms. Whether you have one site or many, we can be your one point of contact to keep you fully compliant, updated and tested.

Fire emergency evacuation procedure training

We provide training and fire drill services to ensure your team are across your fire emergency evacuation procedures.

There isn't a facility in Australia we can't maintain.

We hire cleaners, trades, and maintenance professionals and service providers in every corner of the country to ensure we can support you, no matter how remote your facility is.

Get started with a free consultation.

Get started with a free consultation. We’ll meet with you to determine what maintenance you need and the basis it’s required on, then we’ll provide you with a free proposal.