Electrical Services

Electrical services

At JKFM, we go above and beyond to provide all-inclusive electrical services, including installation, safety services, testing, maintenance, repairs, and more. You can be rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality electrical service, regardless of the job. 

Each member of our vast and ever-growing network of service providers across Australia are fully certified, compliant, and insured with the relevant qualifications and policies. Our extensive network is quality-assured, tried and tested, meaning a consistently high standard across all of our operations, nationally.

commercial electrical measurement and testing
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24/7 Responsive support

We have customer service representatives available 24/7, that can be contacted via phone call or email, for those times you require a fast response or urgent repair or maintenance work. If you have an urgent electrical issue, we will get it fixed as soon as possible, drawing on our large network of skilled providers.

Electrical services

RCD / safety switch and switchboard testing

We can schedule and carry out periodic testing of your RCD / safety switches, and switchboards, to ensure your buildings, assets, and personnel are protected and compliant.

Electrical installation, maintenance and repairs

Whether you need switchboards, cables, or other electrical items installed, require ongoing maintenance or repairs, we can assist with compliant electrical services.

Electrical safety testing, Test and Tag services

We provide electrical safety testing, Test and Tag services and can assist with the replacement of any items that don’t quite meet the safety standards.

Lighting repairs and replacement

Need a professional lighting repair or replacement? We have the people, and the equipment to get the job done, quickly and safely.

Thermographic scanning (Infra-Red)

Thermographic scanning, or infrared scanning is an effective way of catching potential issues with your electrical equipment early. We provide periodic scanning services right across Australia.

There isn't a facility in Australia we can't maintain.

We hire cleaners, trades, and maintenance professionals and service providers in every corner of the country to ensure we can support you, no matter how remote your facility is.

Get started with a free consultation.

Get started with a free consultation. We’ll meet with you to determine what maintenance you need and the basis it’s required on, then we’ll provide you with a free proposal.